You can request a commission directly from this page. Fill out the form below to get started. I please share key information to include image references. I will notify you of my final decision in a timely manner. 

Rates: Variable (Variable Time-Line)
I am currently available and open to exclusive contracts to work with studio developement teams. Please email me for available and rates. 

Single: $500 (3-7 Business Days)
I am currently open to produce full scale animations for anyone interested. That is without voice acting, and has to be within a time limit of 5-7 mins. I create shorts within 2D and 3D applications, and I require a skit or storyboard, and intellectual assets (if available) in advance. 

Single Digital Portrait: $100 (3-5 Business Days)
Discounts for Add-Ons: Each additional portrait or drawing accumulates a 15% discount of your entire order. This can stack up to a maximum of 45% (with a maximum of 3 additional drawings) off your entire purchase. This bundle can save you a lot of money, and give you plenty of Waifu's art. 
Patron Discount: If you are a select tier Patron, you automatically incur a 10% discount off your order. This can be added to your Add-On discount as well if you chose more. 

Additional Information 
•There is no written transfer of rights to you, I own all rights to images created. You can download all created materials. If you wish to use it for commercial/promotional purposes ask me and we can discuss the matter. 
•Do's: I create fan art, comic art, digital paintings, and nsfw works. I currently only accept payments via PayPal, or cash if in-person. I require 50% upfront, and the remaining 50% upon completion. Once you have received your digital paintings via email I can not issue a refund, simply because I don't work for free. 
•Don'ts: I won't create images depicting anything illegal, or highly sensitive topics. To include: hate, racism, mutilation, blood and gore, extreme violence, and child pornography. 
•I'd prefer you contact me directly via email using the form below.
Thank you!
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