You can request a commission directly from this page. Fill out the form below to get started. I please share key information to include image references. I will notify you of my final decision in a timely manner.


Single Character: $120
Additional Characters: +$90 each
Background: +$5-100 (depending on complexity)
Alternate Versions: +$20-70 each. Prices vary depending on what you want done. 

*Complexity: Very complex character designs will cost a little extra. Zoom- in panels are about $20 each depending on size and detail. 
**Privacy Fee: 50% to overall price

Additional Information
*If your request is highly detailed, a fee follows accordingly. This is because it requires more time and resources to complete the request.  
**Your eyes only. I won't post it anywhere online, for a fee. 
•There is no written transfer of rights to you, I own all rights to images created. You can download all created materials. If you wish to use it for commercial/promotional purposes ask me and we can discuss the matter. 
•Do's: I create fan art, comic art, digital paintings, and nsfw works. It should be noted that, upon request, such nsfw works can only symbolize innocence and vulnerability. 
•Don'ts: I won't create images depicting anything illegal, or highly sensitive topics. To include: hate, racism, mutilation, blood and gore, extreme violence, and child pornography. This is also not limited to works that are highly provocative and promiscuous in nature (that only objectify people, animals, or things). 
•I'd prefer you contact me directly via email using the form below. 
Thank you!
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