You can request a commission directly from this page. Fill out the form below to get started. I please share key information to include image references. I will notify you of my final decision in a timely manner.

Single Character: $25*
Additional Characters: +$10 each*
Additional Versions: +$10 each*
(Additional Fees May Vary)
*Complexity: Very complex character designs will cost a little extra (+30% of initial cost). Zoom- in panels are about $20 each depending on size and detail. 
**Privacy Fee: additional +50% to the overall price if requested by you. If you don't want it to be seen anywhere else.

Additional Information
*If your request is highly detailed, the above fees follow accordingly. This is because it requires more time and resources to complete the request.  
**Your eyes only. I won't post it anywhere online, for a fee. 
•There is no written transfer of rights to you, I own all rights to images created. You can download all created materials. If you wish to use it for commercial/promotional purposes ask me and we can discuss the matter. 
•Do's: I create fan art, comic art, digital paintings, and nsfw works.
•Don'ts: I won't create images depicting anything illegal, or highly sensitive topics. To include: hate, racism, mutilation, blood and gore, extreme violence, and child pornography. 
•I'd prefer you contact me directly via email using the form below. 
Thank you!
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